FOL 75, day 1

Things went not at all according to plan.

The biggest shock was that all presentations so far were fairly easy. Even Dan Willard's discussion of interesting theories in which interesting variants of Gödel's Second Incompleteness Theorem don't hold was easy for me to follow. I had expected the presentations to be like readings from a JSL volume.

The other surpising thing I noticed was how little most attendants know of what the others are doing. For example, when Hintikka talked about (surprise, surprise) the superiority of IF logic, the participants in the discussion seemed to know very little about it. (In this particular case that might be because those who know more about IF, like Hodges, have already given up arguing with Hintikka long ago.)


# on 05 April 2005, 10:57

We likely met at FOL-75: I confess to being so dazzled by your personality that my mind could not retain a recollection of the event...

I wrote about Dan Willard's talk at my advogato diary:

Maybe of interest...

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